QinetiQ, UK MOD to Invest in Hebrides Range Instrumentation Radar Upgrades

QinetiQ and the U.K. ministry of defense have agreed to invest a combined $21.7 million to replace a pair of instrumentation radar systems at MOD Hebrides range facility with BAE Systems-built tracking radars.

The installation of new radar technology will support data and safety monitoring activities as well as demonstration, evaluation, experimentation and rehearsals of military systems at the air range, QinetiQ said Wednesday.

“Working with the U.K. MOD we want to ensure that we are able to deliver air ranges that are relevant and competitive for the U.K. armed forces as well as government and industry customers around the world,” said Cathy O’Carroll, group director for test and evaluation at QinetiQ.

The joint investment is part of a $122 million air range modernization effort that aims to reduce operating costs at MOD Hebrides and Aberporth facilities.

QinetiQ seeks to help modernize U.K. test and evaluation systems through the program.

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