IARPA Selects Partners to Develop Methods for Evaluating the Intelligence Community Workforce

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity has awarded research contracts to select industry partners as part of a program to develop continuously sensing, passive and unobtrusive methods to evaluate an individual’s cognitive, physiological and psychological aspects.

Lockheed Martin, the University of Memphis, the University of Southern California and the University of Notre Dame would each lead teams tasked to support the Multimodal Objective Sensing to Assess Individuals with Context program, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said Thursday.

The MOSAIC program will work to augment various capacities to assess members of the intelligence community workforce and determine changes that can impact an individual’s performance.

Mitre and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory will collaborate on the assessment of sensor suites and models developed through the program, ODNI noted.

“Psychologists have developed a variety of tools for measuring an individual’s way of thinking, how they interpret and respond to their world, and how these attributes and responses may impact their job performance,” said Alexis Jeannotte, a program manager at IARPA.

“The MOSAIC program aims to fill gaps left by traditional approaches to develop a more holistic view of a person and how they evolve throughout their career,” added Jeannotte.

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