Rebecca Singhavong, VP of Finance at ViON Corp., Advisory Board member at ‘Our Military Kids’ non-profit organization

“When a parent’s deployment or battle injury brings stress to a child, it’s amazing what simple activities–like ballet or baseball-can do. Help us engage them, encourage them…empower them.”

OCT. 4, 2017 —Our Military Kids, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports children of deployed National Guard and Reserve and Wounded Warriors from all service branches. Grants cover participation in activities that help these kids cope with anxiety, depression and stress while their parents and/or guardians are in repair or absent.

“Our Military Kids has never turned away an eligible family.”


How it works: a military family applies; if eligible, a check is sent to pay for the activity the military family chooses; the child(ren) then receives the grant for immediate use.

Every year, Our Military Kids sends out surveys to the families of children who received grants the year prior. This survey aims to assess the psychological impact of a parent’s deployment or severe injury on his or her child(ren), as well as the effectiveness of the programs themselves.

The survey results from 2016 show promise–and hope:

  • 72 percent saw an improvement in the child’s academic performance
  • 89 percent saw a decrease in the child’s stress and anxiety
  • 97 percent of families saw improvement in the entire family’s well-being.
Rebecca Singhavong

Rebecca Singhavong, Vice President of Finance for ViON Corporation, is an effusive, exemplary philanthropist who is attempting to set the organization’s trail ablaze.

Starting off in public accounting and finding her way into government contracting 12 years later, Singhavong oversees all aspects of accounting operations and financial reporting. She serves as a key member on the leadership team at ViON Corp.

“Recently I have been wanting to do something to give back,” she said in an exclusive interview with ExecutiveBiz. “I have been looking for a non-profit organization to be a part of: Our Military Kids focuses on the National Guard and Reserve–the kids and their wounded warriors–and gives grants out so they are able to do activities. Many of the kids suffer when their parents are away, so Our Military Kids resonates well with veteran assistance and making sure that the military families are taken care of.”

She goes on to describe some of the things that these kids have seen, divulging into the deepness of depression that an average elementary school student might be facing with his mother-marine overseas.

“These kids have seen and been through some pretty horrific things…The parents are fighting to keep us safe–all we can do is try to help them in whatever capacity,” Singhavong said emphatically. “Being a part of Our Military Kids is helping them, in small part, by offering programs focused on sports, arts and enrichment activities to keep these kids up and active.”

Singhavong joined Our Military Kids as an advisory board member in April 2017, with an initial goal of reaching $10,000, currently surpassing standards with approximately $12,000–a motivational trajectory to build on in the coming months.

“I can easily see us achieving $15,000. People love to fundraise if it is an exciting activity involving team building,” she commented. “It gives volunteers an excuse to get together and do something for a good cause.”

The collaboration between ViON Corp., military and their ‘military kids’ is a strong bond involving colleagues and coworkers alike. Some have been affected more than others, because either they were a military kid or their child is/was. Although Singhavong is surrounded by generous people, partners, family and friends, she says the true challenge is getting the word out.

“This is a great organization but only has six employees right now…We need volunteers and corporate sponsorship to help support our military community. Many of my friends, family and colleagues are getting involved to make a difference, but we need a wider outreach,” she said.

Supporting the mission of Our Military Kids is simple: attending events, contributing online donations, investing time and energy. Visit support to get involved and help the non-profit’s mission.

“Giving to these kids and families makes a difference. If you are anything like me, and want to be part of something, this is a great opportunity to get involved in something greater than yourself.”

Learn more about how to give here.

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