Opus Interactive to Host Federal Cloud Services From Iron Mountain Northern Virginia Facility

Opus Interactive to Host Federal Cloud Services From Iron Mountain Northern Virginia Facility - top government contractors - best government contracting eventOpus Interactive will host its portfolio of custom cloud services from Iron Mountain's Northern Virginia data center campus to meet the digital needs of government customers in the East Coast.

The expansion will enable the cloud services provider to support federal agencies in the U.S.’ Eastern region that are modernizing their systems to comply with data center optimization program standards and the Modern Government Technology Act, Opus said Monday.

Shannon Hulbert, CEO of Opus, said Iron Mountain's facility is experienced in serving the public sector and delivering government services to more than 225K organizations worldwide, as well as Data Center Optimization Initiative-compliant.

She added that partnering with Iron Mountain's data center will allow government agencies to get the service they need to comply with mandates they are required to follow.

The Hillsboro, Ore.-based firm said Iron Mountain’s 165K-square-foot data center in Manassas, Va. is Tier III-certified.

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