IRS Eyes Social Media Data Collection Tool for Tax Compliance

The Internal Revenue Service is seeking commercial tools that could search and collect data on social media sites to help the agency monitor tax compliance.

The plan comes amid the growing number of businesses and individuals using social media to advertise, promote and sell products and services, according to a request for information FedBizOpps posted Dec. 18.

IRS requires a platform that will enable its employees to view or access publicly available information to assist with tax compliance cases, such as tax deficiencies and identity theft.

“It is crucial that the IRS has a way to access widely available information offered on commonly used platforms, such as social media sites, to conduct its activities in a modern and efficient manner,” the RFI stated.

The IRS noted the social media research tool should provide:

  • Access for at least 25K social media users
  • Security measures to protect the confidentiality of taxpayers’ returns and return information
  • Real time, customizable reports of publicly available social media information
  • Business entity and officer information and income sources
  • Public facing data regarding liens, bankruptcies and employment
  • A list of social media sites where a specific individual or entity posted location and background information or advertised business-related information
  • A list of sites that an individual or entity used as a business, service or product marketing tool

Interested parties have until Jan. 18 to respond to the RFI.

The agency plans to host an online demonstration day for vendors to present their products on Jan. 28.

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