Air Force-Kratos Subsonic UAV Demonstrator Takes Maiden Flight

Air Force-Kratos Subsonic UAV Demonstrator Takes Maiden Flight - top government contractors - best government contracting event

A subsonic unmanned air vehicle, developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, took its maiden flight Tuesday at Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona.

XQ-58A Valkyrie flew for one hour and 16 minutes during the initial demonstration under a two-phase test program aimed to evaluate the UAV's functionality, launch and recovery systems and aerodynamic performance, the Wright-Patterson AF Base said Wednesday.

The aircraft will undergo an additional four test flights.

Kratos helped build the XQ-58A platform as part of AFRL's Low Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology portfolio designed to address a cost trajectory for tactically relevant aerial vehicles.

The LCAAT effort aims to accelerate the UAV design and development processes through the use of design tools, commercial manufacturing approaches

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