Cloudera’s Shaun Bierweiler: Agencies Should Create ‘Standalone’ Strategy to Manage Own Data

Shaun Bierweiler
Shaun Bierweiler

Shaun Bierweiler, vice president and general manager of Cloudera's public sector business, has said developing a distinct data strategy can help agencies retain control over data, avoid vendor lock-in and foster innovation.

In an opinion piece published Friday on Federal Times, Bierweiller wrote that agencies should implement a data management approach that is separate from cloud strategies to ensure the availability of multiple storage options and avoid unnecessary costs.

He added that a uniform strategy will work to simplify complex operations throughout an agency's workforce and encourage the use of open-data tools designed for collaborative activities across a range of information technology environments and formats.

“The good news is that agencies don't have to start from scratch to create their data strategy,“ Bierweiler said.

“By leveraging examples and references from across government and industry “” and by taking cues from guidance like the Federal Data Strategy “” leaders can integrate best practices and options that fit their particular agency needs and the technologies they're using now “” and whatever they may use in the future.“

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