NetCentrics’ Robert Schofield on Making the Case for Implementing Orchestration in Federal Space

Robert Schofield
Robert Schofield

Robert Schofield, director of enterprise solutions at NetCentrics, wrote in a Federal News Network commentary piece published Friday about the four questions information technology and security team leaders at federal agencies should expect and consider answering when it comes to implementing security orchestration.

One of the questions Schofield cited concerns with orchestration as another “tech buzzword.” He said IT leaders should mention plans of conducting pilot programs to demonstrate how orchestration could provide security teams a comprehensive view of data, networks and devices to address cyber threats.

Schofield described security orchestration as the integration and automation of the “entire cybersecurity ecosystem of enforcement and information-gathering products, so IT teams can protect networks, systems and devices with unified, holistic visibility.” The process involves the adoption of advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.

The other three questions he mentioned deal with justifying investments in orchestration, citing use cases in the federal sector and tapping security companies that could help agencies implement orchestration.

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