Intel’s Sean McPherson: AI Model Training Requires Human Input

Sean McPherson
Sean McPherson

Sean McPherson, deep learning scientist at Intel, wrote in an opinion piece published Monday on Federal Times that there are three strategies organizations can use to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence and one is encouraging humans to take part in AI model training.

“By inserting yourself into the continuous feedback process, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your trained models, evaluate results and data, and watch the model learn,” McPherson wrote. “You’ll get more comfortable with the AI process, and more confident in the technology as you watch it become more accurate and dependable.”

Another strategy is finding opportunities where AI can help build up the team. McPherson cited how AI systems could help organizations review untapped data that could prove useful in providing actionable insights and improving mission outcomes.

He said the third strategy calls for organizations to demonstrate the capabilities and inner workings of their AI models. He mentioned the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Explainable Artificial Intelligence project and Bayesian Deep Learning as some of the initiatives that seek to provide “clearer insights into how AI comes to certain conclusions.”

“With this information in hand, you’ll be able to decipher the decisions made by the AI algorithm and trace mistakes or inaccurate recommendations back to their root causes, and develop remediations through model adjustments or improved training data,” McPherson added.

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