Executive Spotlight: Interview With Shawn Purvis, Corporate VP and Enterprise Services President for Northrop Grumman

Shawn Purvis
Shawn Purvis

Shawn Purvis, corporate vice president and president of enterprise services at Northrop Grumman, recently spoke with ExecutiveBiz regarding the specific challenges that are facing the aerospace and defense industries and how enterprise services will enable Northrop to overcome them.

“Teamwork is critical, and serves as the bedrock of our success as our team works to provide the best, most innovative solutions and business applications across Northrop Grumman.”

ExecutiveBiz: What is the mission of Enterprise Services in Northrop Grumman?

“Enterprise Services provides the productivity tools and technologies that employees need every day to perform their work. We provide all network, cybersecurity and enterprise application support for approximately 90,000 employees in all 50 states and in more than 25 countries. Northrop Grumman’s inclusive work force develops and maintains some of the most technically sophisticated products, programs and services in the world.

From enabling the company’s massive technology infrastructure to protecting the network, from cyber threats to transactional business services, our organization provides numerous services to support the company. Along with helping to drive company performance through innovative and technical solutions, the Enterprise Services team also manages a robust portfolio of projects that support major programs and initiatives across the company.”

ExecutiveBiz: How has the industry changed and how is Enterprise Services positioning Northrop Grumman to address these changes?

“New and innovative tools and technologies are shaping the world and enabling our everyday lives as we all face new and advanced threats. Our customers are facing these threats and so are we, which is why our employees require capabilities faster and more affordably than ever before to help address the changing threat environment.

Enterprise Services’ focus is on providing our colleagues across the company and around the world with the best, most integrated solutions possible. We embrace disruption through technology and drive it, while considering the full experience of our users. How are our services being delivered, and what do employees think of our services?

These are the kinds of questions that transform the way we think and how we deliver integrated solutions. At the end of the day, our primary responsibility is to ensure that every Northrop Grumman employee has the tools and technologies they need to be able to execute on their programs in support of our customers.”

ExecutiveBiz: What leadership qualities does it take to succeed at a pivotal time in the aerospace and defense industry?

“Teamwork is critical, and serves as the bedrock of our success as our team works to provide the best, most innovative solutions and business applications across Northrop Grumman. We can’t and don’t do it alone.

We are extremely agile, flexible and strive for excellence every day, and at our company, collaboration is embedded within our DNA and our culture. We have incredibly talented and skilled individuals in our company, but it’s the power of our collective team that helps to ensure success.

Being ‘fiercely curious’ embodies what it means to be in Enterprise Services at Northrop Grumman. Curiosity to me is really what drives innovation, and you need to ask yourself how you can improve your service and also lead from wherever you are.”

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