DARPA Taps Kitware to Develop Intelligent Systems

Kitware has landed a contract of an undisclosed sum from Defense Advanced Research Project Agency to build intelligent systems that could grow into adaptive platforms.

DARPA aims to address military concerns such as changing weather conditions and unexpected adversary activities through the contract, the company said Tuesday.

“Existing AI systems and algorithms have great difficulty extrapolating beyond the data on which they were trained because they do not have an explicit concept or representation for unknown unknowns,” said Anthony Hoggs, senior director of computer vision at Kitware and principal investigator for the effort.

Hoggs added Kitware intends to develop algorithms that will adapt models and trace new entities.

The firm created a team composed of Walter Schierer and Terrance Boult, professors at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs respectively, in line with the project.

Kitware offers services in data, analytics, scientific computing, software process and medical computing to various clients.

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