Forcepoint’s Eric Trexler, Deep Water Point’s Joseph Brendler Talk Benefits of Cross-Domain IT

Forcepoint's Eric Trexler, Deep Water Point's Joseph Brendler Talk Benefits of Cross-Domain IT - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Eric Trexler and Joseph Brendler, executives at Forcepoint and Deep Water Point, respectively, have said that the service branches should consider implementing cross-domain solutions in their enterprise information technology programs.

Trexler and Brendler wrote in an opinion piece published Friday on C4ISRnet that CDS technologies enable organizations to consolidate their infrastructure while improving security as well as enterprise IT services.

They noted that cross-domain capabilities allow users to communicate across networks and classification levels, allowing tech personnel to install equipment with a smaller physical footprint and mitigating potential risks.

Organizations could also use CDS tools to transition away from legacy hardware and mitigate reliance on multiple computers and software like the Protective Distribution System, they added.

According to Trexler and Brendler, CDS implementation is key to supporting secure communications between the U.S. and coalition partners for operations that require rapid IT scaling and deployment such as humanitarian missions.

“CDS must play a central role on the road to modernization,“ they said. “It lets the military provide the right people with the right access to the right networks, as it closely monitors data transfers and ensures that only correct and authorized information crosses a boundary."

Trexler serves as vice president of global governments and infrastructure at Forcepoint, while Brendler is a principal at Deep Water Point.

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