Mitre’s Yosry Barsoum: Public-Private Collaboration Key to Effective Spectrum Mgmt


Yosry Barsoum, vice president and director of the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute at Mitre, has said that public-private partnerships can help improve management of the U.S. electromagnetic spectrum.

Barsoum wrote in an opinion piece published Wednesday on Nextgov that the nation needs to balance spectrum access between commercial applications and the government’s national security operations including emergency and pandemic response.

He noted that an effective plan for sharing the mid-range spectrum is essential as the government continues to require more bandwidth and the general public continues to rely on online services amid the ongoing health crisis.

According to Barsoum, a public-private partnership with key stakeholders such as regulators, agencies, research institutions, consumer advocates and industry will help coordinate governance of limited spectrum resources.

He recommends an “intra-system sharing” framework that will enable different organizations to manage spectrum access for national security missions through a common standard.

“Most importantly, it’s a way to share risks and opportunities, with the collective goal of improving spectrum use,” he said. “This kind of collaboration will mean better, more flexible access to the spectrum—for quicker responses to changing priorities like our current crisis.”

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