Executive Spotlight: Tony Smeraglinolo, CEO and Chairman of Sincerus Global Solutions

Tony Smeraglinolo
Tony Smeraglinolo, Chairman and CEO of Sincerus Global Solutions

Tony Smeraglinolo, chairman and CEO of Sincerus Global Solutions as well as a three-time Wash100 Award recipient, recently spoke with ExecutiveBiz regarding his return to the federal market, the decision to launch his new Sincerus, the company's goals, potential growth and possible future.

“We know that our success will be defined by superior customer service and satisfaction, meeting our commitments and creating impact during mission execution.“

ExecutiveBiz: Can you give your friends in the GovCon sector an update on what you've been up to before this announcement?

“After leaving Engility, which has since been acquired by SAIC, I had the chance to do all the things one tells themselves they will do when they “˜retire'. My wife and I traveled, we relocated to Florida, took up golf and became more active in giving back to the community, especially with the Humane Society.

After a couple of fun years of retirement, I began helping private equity firms and others looking to break in or expand their presence in the federal marketplace. That evolved into, “˜Would you consider running the business if we're successful in the acquisition?' Eventually, it became, “˜Why not acquire a business and use it as a platform for growth?'“

ExecutiveBiz: What were the events that led to your decision to launch Sincerus Global Solutions with SAIC's international development services portfolio?

“The stars all aligned as we launched Sincerus and acquired SAIC'S International Development portfolio, which SAIC had acquired as a part of their acquisition of Engility early last year.

As SAIC stated, they continually look at “˜the strategic direction of the company.' During that process, their leadership made the hard decision that the portfolio would be better served outside of their company.

Glen Schuhmacher, who had joined me from Engility to run this business, was asked to explore strategic alternatives. Given the close professional and personal relationship that Glen and I share, one of the alternatives that the former wanted to explore was a management buy out of the portfolio.

Glen approached me with the concept of purchasing the business. He's more than familiar with my passion for this mission that dates to my days at L3 Services from which Engility was spun out and inspired my desire to create a platform for growth.

SAIC viewed this approach favorably and wanted the divestiture and transition to be as seamless as possible knowing that the sale represented what would be the best scenario for the customer and their employees.“

ExecutiveBiz: What are you able to tell us about your growth strategy? Organic? M&A?

“We are very excited about the growth potential of the business. Our initial focus will be optimizing our performance on the contract vehicles, primarily with the Department of State, that we purchased, which have an over $2.5 billion indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) ceiling.

Once we feel confident that we are providing our customers with exceptional service and have the capacity to do more, we will explore taking these competencies (Advising, Mentoring, Training, Logistics, Rule of Law, Project Management, Construction) to other government agencies and other countries around the globe.

Personally, I have always been active in the M&A arena and believe it's a crucial part of any growth strategy in our market. We will definitely have an eye out for discriminating companies that we can add to our platform.“

ExecutiveBiz: What would you say are the goals for Sincerus? What can the company offer that has been missing in the federal sector?

“We  launch Sincerus from the benefit of a 30 year heritage as well as core management and operation teams who have been working together for years. Our goal for Sincerus is to be recognized by our customers as being a company with the utmost integrity and highest service.

By being a trusted partner of high integrity, we offer technical solutions focused on outcomes and impact rather than “˜throwing bodies' at a job until it's done. Our mutual goal that drives us is to live up to our name every day. “˜Sincerus' is Latin for Pure, Transparent, Genuine, and Candid.

As a private company, our intense focus will be on customers and our mission. We know that our success will be defined by superior customer service and satisfaction, meeting our commitments and creating impacts during mission execution.“

ExecutiveBiz: With the new company off to a head start, what other markets are you looking into for the future? Where will you be headquartered?

“We will be headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, but we will be working in over 35 countries throughout the world. We will build on a Northern Virginia foundation and take our company wherever our customers need us globally. We fully understand and are confident in our ability to successfully deliver programs in difficult environments and locations.“

ExecutiveBiz: Where do you see Sincerus in one year's time? Five years?

“A year from now, I see Sincerus as a leading provider of services to the Department of State and being established as one of the fastest growing organizations in our market. In five years, it's our goal to be a recognized industry leader with us being regarded for the exceptional service, value and commitment that we bring our customers.“

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