L3Harris Delivers 1K+ Night Vision Binoculars to Army


The U.S. Army has received more than 1K optical devices L3Harris Technologies built to help military users detect threats and access imagery when performing missions during nighttime.

L3Harris said Tuesday it delivered Enhanced Night Vision Goggle ““ Binoculars as part of the service branch's initial order under a $391M contract awarded in 2018.

The ENVG-B technology is designed to operate with the Nett Warrior situational awareness system and transmit common operating environment data to the device wearer's eye.

The company equipped the system with augmented reality algorithms, a high-resolution display, an embedded soldier wireless personal area network and a target acquisition tool.

Lynn Bollengier, president of integrated vision solutions at L3Harris, said that ENVG-B employs white phosphor night vision tubes and a thermal channel to support warfighter vision in low-light conditions.


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