SpyCloud Partners With CyberDefenses to Secure Elections; Armando Ordonez, Douglas Lingenfelter Quoted

SpyCloud Partners With CyberDefenses to Secure Elections; Armando Ordonez, Douglas Lingenfelter Quoted

SpyCloud has partnered with CyberDefenses to protect against threats in current and future elections, SpyCloud reported on Wednesday. 

"SpyCloud is instrumental to the work we do in ensuring that every vote counts," said Armando Ordonez, CEO of CyberDefenses. "It gives county governments an 'over-the-horizon view' of the cybercriminal landscape, with advanced information to protect elections from fraud and foreign interference, before it's too late."

CyberDefenses has provided one in five election jurisdictions across the nation with security services, including Election Security Assessments that evaluate the end-to-end election process, benchmark cyber risk and recommendations to fix gaps that could introduce risk for cyberattacks and election interference. 

SpyCloud will provide cyber intelligence as part of the assessment and gap-fix process. The company will offer continuous monitoring of the dark web for stolen credentials across the election landscape, including election staff, county officials and third-party suppliers who could be targeted because of their access to elections.

"SpyCloud's ability to continuously monitor suppliers as well makes their partnership essential to our mission," added Ordonez. "Anyone doing business with the county needs to be secure themselves, so they are not an entry point for bad actors attempting to interfere with elections. CyberDefenses also alleviates some of the burden by defining policies that counties can extend to their supplier network; fundamentals that must be met in order to remain a partner."

Using SpyCloud's recovered breach assets, CyberDefenses will notify the county when it cannot determine whether the identity of the user or a criminal uses stolen credentials. CyberDefenses also uses SpyCloud's data, including hundreds of millions of assets to research the infrastructure used in election fraud campaigns.

"We are all too aware of foreign attempts to undermine the sanctity of U.S. elections, and we're proud to do our part with CyberDefenses to help stop them," said Douglas Lingenfelter, director of SpyCloud's Federal practice. "Unfortunately, criminals are relentless and innovative in their attacks, so we are constantly updating our data and methods to help election officials stay ahead."

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