Forcepoint’s Homayun Yaqub on Five Steps Organizations Can Take to Protect Against Ransomware

Forcepoint’s Homayun Yaqub on Five Steps Organizations Can Take to Protect Against Ransomware
Homayun Yaqub Sr. Security Strategist Forcepoint

Homayun Yaqub, senior security strategist at Forcepoint, wrote in a blog post published Wednesday that there are five measures organizations can consider to protect against ransomware attacks and one is creating a ransomware incident playbook. 

Yaqub said organizations should educate users how to steer clear of the tricks and techniques used by cyber criminals and use behavioral analytics to identify malicious activities.

Adopting backup processes could help entities restore data in the event of a cyber attack like a cryptomalware incident, he noted.

“Adopt a data loss prevention program across your organization so you gain visibility of where your data is and who is interacting with it,” Yaqub wrote. “As part of your data protection strategy, you should consider further steps such as segmentation of data across networks."

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