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Lockheed Taps CAE for Navy Helicopter Sensor Integration Support

MH-60R helicopter with CAE MAD-XR sensor
MH-60R helicopter, with CAE MAD-XR sensor

Lockheed Martin has awarded CAE a subcontract to manufacture sensor technology for integration onto the U.S. Navy’s MH-60R Seahawk anti-surface warfare and antisubmarine helicopters.

CAE said Wednesday it will supply the Magnetic Anomaly Detection-Extended Role system designed to help unmanned aerial systems, small fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters detect submarines through changes in the magnetic field.

The Montreal-based company will also provide non-recurring integration and engineering support for six MH-60Rs to support Phase 1 efforts under Lockheed's contract with the Navy.

Daniel Gelston, president of CAE’s defense and security group, said the MAD-XR system offers military users additional capabilities for submarine detection, search and rescue and other operational missions.

The sensor variant features a compact design and has potential application to smaller aircraft and unmanned aerial systems.

Lockheed leads systems integration work on MH-60R “Romeo“ naval helicopters produced by Sikorsky.

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