Parsons Announces New Products for Cloud Native Streaming

Parsons Announces New Products for Cloud Native Streaming

Parsons has unveiled a new series of cloud products designed to help government and commercial customers process large amounts of data while ensuring lesser infrastructure costs.

The company said Wednesday it will offer cloud native stream platforms to deliver the scalability needed to maximize cloud resources.

Parsons now offers two cloud native streaming platforms: the CNSP and another one tailored for use with the Kubernetes automation tool.

Ron Alford, space architecture program leader at Parsons, said both platforms are built to offer resilient and scalable performance in support of all cloud applications.

CNSP builds on Amazon Web Services and open-source components while Kubernetes NSP is capable of combining AWS, Microsoft Azure and on-premise applications to deliver hybrid deployment.

Parsons' proprietary framework allows operators to analyze system performance, health, costs and cloud status.

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