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Orolia Equips SecureSync Time Servers With GPS Jamming Detector; Rohit Braggs Quoted

Rohit Braggs COO Orolia
Rohit Braggs, COO, Orolia

Orolia has launched GPS jamming detection as a standard feature for its SecureSync time servers, providing customers with the first Defense Information Systems Agency-approved resilient timing and synchronization solution for improved Positioning, Navigation and Timing cybersecurity, the company reported on Thursday. 

"Today, we're proud to offer GPS jamming detection as a standard feature on SecureSync, recognizing that GPS jamming is the most common form of interference today. This industry first demonstrates our commitment to customer success and protecting critical infrastructure," said Rohit Braggs, chief operating officer at Orolia.

Orolia“™s interference detection capabilities will increase resiliency in critical infrastructure. SecureSync users will gain access to the recommended Prevent, Respond and Recover PNT protection steps through Orolia“™s integration of interference detection technology. 

The company has built SecureSync on a scalable, flexible and configurable platform to deliver solutions that support customers“™ missions while reducing cost of ownership. "As the world leader in Resilient Timing, Orolia's customers expect us to deliver proven solutions while continuing to innovate and bring the latest PNT technologies to market," Braggs added. 

SecureSync will also improve resiliency through a multi-layered approach that can leverage anti-jam antennas and Orolia's complete Interference Detection and Mitigation suite. Qualified military customers could also receive secure military signals, including SAASM and M-Code.

About Orolia

Orolia is the world leader in Resilient PNT solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote or high-risk operations, even in GPS denied environments. With a presence in more than 100 countries, Orolia provides virtually fail-safe GPS/GNSS and PNT solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide.

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Written by Sarah Sybert

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