Former USAF Acquisition Chief Will Roper Appointed to Vita Inclinata Board

Former USAF Acquisition Chief Will Roper Appointed to Vita Inclinata Board
Will Roper Board member Vita Inclinata

Will Roper, former assistant secretary for acquisition, technology and logistics at the U.S. Air Force and a three-time Wash100 winner, has been named to Vita Inclinata's board of directors. 

Caleb Carr, president and CEO of Vita Inclinata, said in a statement published Thursday Roper will work with the company as it works to provide military branches and civilian markets with military-grade safety offerings.

During his time serving at USAF, Roper managed an annual budget of $60 million and oversaw test, production, modernization, logistics, research and development functions for the service branch and Space Force.

"I advised the Air Force on standing up AFWERX and then later ran it, focusing on opening defense procurement to tech startups," said Roper.

Prior to joining USAF, Roper served as director at the Office of the Secretary of Defense's strategic capabilities office. He also worked at the Missile Defense Agency as chief architect.

Roper currently serves on the boards of Volansi and Red 6.

Vita Inclinata noted it has been added to the 2021 National Defense Appropriations Act after it underwent an accelerator program under AFWERX.

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