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Space Development Agency Posts RFI for Tranche 1 of National Defense Space Architecture


The Space Development Agency needs market information on technologies, methods and other concepts to operate and secure a national system of military sensors and data transmission in space.

The National Defense Space Architecture would operate mainly from low Earth orbit to support secure military sensing and SDA needs industry input on the system's Tranche 1 Product Line, the agency said Friday in a request for information notice.

The T1 set would establish connectivity between sensors and shooters, and support space transport for the Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control concept. The Department of Defense envisions JADC2 as a system of sensors that help commanders make decisions for the multi-domain battlefield.

The product baseline must demonstrate 90 percent theater coverage for the Link 16 network, direct-to-weapon connectivity and optical or radio frequency connectivity with the JADC2 systems of all military service branches.

Interested parties may submit responses through June 3.


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