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AeroVironment Offers New Antenna Kit to Expand C2 Range of UAS

ERA kit AeroVironment

AeroVironment has unveiled a new lightweight antenna add-on kit designed to expand the command-and-control range of unmanned aircraft systems to provide operators with increased operational capabilities. The company said Thursday its new Extended Range Antenna comes in a small scale in terms of size, weight and power and produces a narrowed beam width that extends C2 coverage by a maximum of 24.9 miles.

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Viasat Partners With AeroVironment Under Army Contract to Advance UAS Platforms

Ken Peterman President

Viasat has partnered with AeroVironment to enable flying small UAS platforms to deploy a robust, on-demand, highly-secure communications network under a contract awarded under the U.S. Army Reconfigurable Communications for Small Unmanned Systems (RCSUS) initiative, Viasat reported on Thursday. Viasat will work with AeroVironment to develop and demonstrate advanced, encrypted communications for AeroVironment's portable, hand-launched Puma AE tactical UAS. 

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Army Deploys Multi-Pack Launcher for AeroVironment ‘Switchblade’ Missiles

The U.S. Army has fielded a six-tube launcher that can fire AeroVironment-built missiles during forward-operating base defense missions, National Defense reported Tuesday. Brett Hush, vice president of tactical missile systems at AeroVironment, said that special operations forces as well as the Army and Marine Corps have been using the small weapons for over seven years.

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