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NanoRacks to Offer Small Satellite Deployment Services Through GSA Schedule

NanoRacks has secured a position on a General Services Administration contract vehicle to offer miniaturized satellite deployment services to federal agencies. The company said Monday it aims to help government customers deploy CubeSat and MicroSat payloads to perform microgravity research in space and on board the International Space Station through its launch …

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NanoRacks Raises Funds to Accelerate ISS Commercial Airlock Module Production

NanoRacks has wrapped up a bridge round of investments that will support the company’s efforts to produce an airlock technology designed for the International Space Station. New York-based financial services company Space Angels led the funding round to help expedite the production of Commercial Airlock Module, NanoRacks said Tuesday. NASA and NanoRacks …

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NanoRacks-SSL-ULA Team to Study Feasibility of Rocket Tech Repurposing Under NASA Contract; Richard White Comments

A team composed of NanoRacks, Space Systems Loral and United Launch Alliance has signed an agreement with NASA to examine the feasibility of converting a rocket upper stage into a commercial space habitat. The Ixion Initiative Team will conduct the rocket technology repurposing study under the second phase of NASA’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration …

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NanoRacks-ULA-Space Systems Loral Team to Study Rocket Conversion Into Space Habitats

A team comprised of NanoRacks, Space Systems Loral and United Launch Alliance will study the feasibility of converting rocket upper stages into habitats for low-Earth orbit and deep-space missions under a contract awarded by NASA. The Ixion Initiative Team aims to help NASA address risks associated with modules that are built on the ground and launched …

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Voyager to Acquire Majority Stake in XO Markets

Voyager Space Holdings

Voyager Space Holdings has agreed to acquire a majority stake in XO Markets and its largest subsidiary Nanoracks. Houston-based Nanoracks offers commercial space services for satellite deployment and research across more than 30 nations. "With Voyager, we're confident in our expanded team's ability to continue to deliver game-changing technology industry-wide," said Jeffrey Manber, CEO of Nanoracks.

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Updated Dragon Spacecraft Launches With New Scientific Samples

Dragon SpaceX

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft that NASA launched Sunday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the company's 21st commercial resupply mission is expected to arrive at the International Space Station on Monday around 1:30 p.m. EST. The updated Dragon flew with over 6.4K pounds of cargo for the station aboard a Falcon 9 rocket and will demonstrate SpaceX's first autonomous docking with the ISS, NASA said Monday.

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