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NRC Accepts NuScale Power’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Tech for Review

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted for review Nuclear Power‘s design certification application for a company-made commercial nuclear power generation technology. NuScale, which Fluor holds a majority stake in, filed an application in late 2016 seeking NRC approval for its small modular nuclear reactor. “The exceptional news that the NRC …

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Fluor-Backed NuScale Power Files NRC Design Certification for Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

NuScale Power has filed a design certification application for its commercial small modular nuclear reactor power plant design with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Fluor continues to be proud of its investment in NuScale and how the company has rapidly moved through the design certification application process, and we are eagerly awaiting …

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Fluor Plans to Support NuScale Reactor Project Through Potential $1.35B DOE Funding Vehicle

NuScale Power small modular nuclear reactor plant design

The Department of Energy has cleared a funding vehicle worth potentially $1.355B for a public power consortium-led project that includes construction of a small modular reactor plant by NuScale Power, which Fluor holds a majority stake in. Fluor said Monday it plans to support Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems and NuScale in establishing a clean-energy SMR system through UAMPS' Carbon Free Power Project.

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CTC Gets NuScale Steam Generator Prototype Manufacturing Contract; Ed Sheehan Comments

Concurrent Technologies Corp. has received an initial contract to manufacture a prototype steam generator technology for NuScale Power at the CTC-operated Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing. NuScale said Wednesday CTC will produce helical coil steam generators that serve as a key component of the Fluor-backed venture’s small modular reactor nuclear design under certification review by …

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U.S. Chamber Board Elects Tom Wilson as Chairman

On Thursday the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors elected Tom Wilson, chairman and CEO of The Allstate Corporation, to a one-year term as chairman. Wilson will succeed current chairman and CEO of NuScale Power LLC John L. Hopkins. “Tom Wilson is an extraordinary business leader who runs The …

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