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DigitalGlobe: Budget, Innovation Framework Key for Govt-Industry Satellite Partnerships

DigitalGlobe has said it believes the U.S. government should develop innovation and budget management strategies to ensure continued partnership between commercial satellite services providers and their public-sector customers. In a blog article published Tuesday, the company cited the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency‘s EnhancedView program as one example of how industry can help address the earth …

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Tech Firms Demo UAV Airspace Services; Shay Har-Noy Comments

DigitalGlobe, Harris, PrecisionHawk and Verizon have combined their technologies to demonstrate airspace services the companies intend for use in unmanned aerial vehicle operations. PrecisionHawk said Monday the test incorporated Verizon’s LTE network, Harris’ Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast and aircraft surveillance network, DigitalGlobe’s geospatial big data platform and PrecisionHawk’s Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace …

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