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Government Contracting Industry(GovCon) is a large market that many firms are eager to partner with because of its numerous benefits and revenue opportunities. One of the largest marketplaces in the sector is the United States department, particularly the Department of Defense, and is continuously offering contracts to those who wish to work with them.

There are hundreds of contractors employed solely by the federal government. The services that each contractor provides are unique. The majority of them, though, has already signed a long-term deal with the federal government.

What does an IT contractor do?

IT contracting is more than just starting a business. Being an IT contractor entails providing professional services rather than a specific outcome or product. An IT contractor offers on-demand services to assist a client in improving what is essential to their organization.

An IT contractor can work for small businesses, a large corporation, or an independent contractor (also known as a freelancer).

In the government contracting industry, an IT contractor is frequently hired for various professional services, including data analytics. The procuring federal market never runs out of projects, contracts, or chances for this type of service.

What company has the biggest government contract?

The top 10 IT largest government contractors are mentioned below, and they have already worked with the government a few years ago and could still be in the top 10 for 2022.

Check out the list below to learn more about them!

Triwest Healthcare Alliance Corp

Triwest Healthcare Alliance Corp. was established in 1996 with the primary purpose of providing quality health care to active service military people, retirees, and their families through the TRICARE program of the Department of Defense.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance is a Phoenix-based company that manages US Veterans Administration health benefits (VA). Working in the health care industry necessitates the use of cutting-edge technologies. Triwest Health Care is happy to offer exceptional provider networks and excellent customer service through the Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care network.

General Dynamics Corp

General Dynamics Corp is known for the defense systems they offer to the federal government. Nonetheless, the corporation has become one of the largest government contractors and developed to the point where it now has a separate division called General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT).

General Dynamics Information Technology Logo

With the support of technology transformations, strategy, and mission services, General Dynamics Information Technology protects the safety and security of the citizen’s life and the country’s future.

The Department of Homeland Security recently gave the company a data support services contract. According to the deal, General Dynamic will continue to supply existing DC1 services, including a government-owned contractor-operated enterprise data center, infrastructure as a service environment, and co-location facilities.

Leidos Holdings Inc.

Civil, defense systems, health, and intelligence are the four main business lines of Leidos Holdings Inc. Large-scale intelligence systems, command and control, cybersecurity, logistics, intelligence analysis, and operations support are just some of the services provided by Leidos.

With a great understanding of the technology and interest in the enhanced nation, Leidos Holdings Inc. had been involved in almost all technological needs like cancer research, tsunami warning systems, and robotics.

Furthermore, their intelligence group, Leidos Innovation Center (LInC), employs a wide range of capabilities in the nation’s digital transformation, mission software systems, and enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. Technical Solutions

Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc. Technical Solutions Logo

Technical Solutions, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc., provides mission-critical and practical solutions to a diverse spectrum of government and commercial customers worldwide.

As a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries, the business works as a national security technology company by focusing on the most complex projects every day.

Oshkosh Corp

Oshkosh Corp is a defense company based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, specializing in manufacturing and maintaining military vehicles and mobility systems. Oshkosh has designed, tested, and built a wide range of military technology and vehicles, including heavy, medium, light, and highly protected tactical vehicles.

Oshkosh also integrates command, control, communications, and computer (C4) technologies into their four-wheel-drive system to bring the network to the task. The company’s patented telematics systems collect raw data from linked items worldwide, supplying information to its machine learning algorithms and data science teams so they can provide actionable intelligence to their clients.

From integrated telematics technology to advanced analytics programs, Oshkosh is continually innovating new ways to acquire precise information from its products, assisting owners and operators in putting that knowledge into action.

Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies logo

United Technologies and Raytheon company merged to form Raytheon Technologies. Commercial aerospace and military technology are served by Raytheon Technologies. The company is known for weapons, guided missiles and missile defense systems. They deliver new solutions by combining complementary technology options and high-end solution engineering.

Meanwhile, Raytheon Intelligence and Space, a Raytheon company, provides the advanced defense technology required to flourish in any domain and meet any challenge.

Its multi-domain expertise and interdisciplinary subject matter specialists, together with powerful data collecting, processing, and visualization tools, put its partners one step ahead of other federal agencies, non-government consumers or competitors.

McKesson Corp

McKesson Corp and Change Healthcare merged to build a new health care information technology company. The new company absorbed the majority of McKesson Technology Solutions and the majority of Change Healthcare’s health care operations.

Change Healthcare is a crucial driver of a value-based health care system, collaborating with private companies and partners to help people live better lives and live in healthier communities.

Their deeply embedded technology solutions and connected insights reflect their in-depth understanding of the system’s various complexities and critical pathways to enhanced health care.

Boeing Intelligence & Analytics

The Chicago Illinois based company Boeing is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft, producing commercial planes and aircraft engines, defense, radar equipment, launch systems, space vehicles, and security technologies. Their popularity started when they fixed a wing aircraft and airframe structural components way back in 2011.

On the other hand, Boeing Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) is a key provider of strategic capabilities to the US Intelligence Community. Providing critical digital communication systems for global security missions 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Software engineering, systems integration and development, fast prototyping, and project leadership are all areas where BI&A has top-tier technical talent and industry expertise.

BI&A assists customers in identifying and developing plans to mitigate potential adversary strengths and exploit weaknesses. They provide technical competence across the whole mission spectrum, from requirements definition to system and software development to system integration, test, and deployment.

Bae systems

BAE Systems is a British company aerospace systems and security company that produces some of the world’s most technologically advanced defense, aircraft services, and security systems. BAE also does marine equipment development and non-nuclear ship repairs.

BAE Systems develops, engineers, manufactures and supports products and systems in collaboration with clients and local partners to deliver military capability, safeguard national security and people, and keep critical information and infrastructure secure.

BAE Systems is a significant government provider of cyber, intelligence sectors, and security capabilities and a growing provider of cyber and network security services to non-government consumers.

Science Applications International Corp.

Science Applications International Corp. Logo


Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) is a leading technology integrator in the United States, leading the country’s digital revolution. This government contractor assists defense, intelligence, and civilian organizations in reimagining how they accomplish their objectives through digital transformation by providing next-generation cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software capabilities.

SAIC modernizes corporate IT environments for government customers before operating and maintaining them using their preferred service delivery techniques. The organization merges the best to create innovative, effective, and efficient solutions crucial to completing their customers’ missions, based on their knowledge and understanding of existing and upcoming technology.

What are the most popular government contracts?

The most common government contracts offered by a federal contractor fall into the following categories:


The first is goods; depending on their need, government agencies may be looking for and acquiring anything at any given time.


The government is a large organization, and most people believe that they do not require any further assistance from the private sector because they are so numerous. But the fact that the government procures anything at no given time, this idea gave birth to the concept of hiring small enterprises that provide services, known as the procurement data system.

Research and Technical Assistance

Last but not least is the research and technical assistance. These contracts are comparable to service-based agreements, but they are more industry-specific. Scientific research and technical help for government agencies’ legal paper examinations are two examples.

Assume your company has a strong portfolio, a searchable database on the federal procurement data system, and a list of prior clients’ references. If that’s the case, you’ll be eligible to bid on these specific contracts.

Do government contractors make good money?

According to the 2020 general pay scale, the average annual income for a Federal contractor in the United States is $108,931. However, keep in mind that the specified amount may change depending on the contracts and procurement agency with which a company works.

Do federal government contractors make good money? No one knows the direct answer to that question. Because, in the end, the prime contracts and the government contract funds will be the deciding factors.

Things may go well for a contractor who obtains their first job because they have already made a noise for its name in the government contracting industry. Assume the federal market approves of a company’s operations and believes it can provide what they require. In this instance, the government contractor is more likely to receive future contractual chances.

Getting into the industry takes a lot of law enforcement processes. Still, suppose you are really interested in potentially working with the federal government. In that case, you can check out the website of Small Business Administration for their one on one counseling and training courses.

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