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  • Small business grants

    Small Business Grants to Start and Grow a Successful Business in 2022

    As the small business landscape continues to change and evolve, many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to start and grow their businesses. With funding often being a major challenge for these businesses, many organizations, including private corporations, state organizations, and federal government agencies, are now offering small business grants to help them succeed. These grants […] More

  • Government Contracts for Woman-Owned Business

    Government Contracts for Woman-Owned Business

    Every year, government agencies spend billions on goods and services. That’s a lot of money to be spent on supplies, services, and equipment! It’s also an opportunity for women-owned businesses to get a piece of these procurement dollars. Whether you are just starting a female-owned business or looking for more information on the available resources, […] More

  • Certified as a Woman-Owned

    How to Get Certified as a Woman-Owned Business in 2022?

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) defines women-owned small businesses as small business enterprises that are 51% owned and controlled by one or multiple United States female citizens. Major changes have occurred in the certification process for women-owned businesses and economically disadvantaged WOSBs (EDWOSBs) in 2020. While you may not become certified in time, most likely, […] More

  • find government contracts

    What Is The Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program?

    The government contracting industry is booming now more than ever. After posting a record-breaking $682 billion total awarded federal contracts in 2020 alone, Kevin Plexico’s industry forecast is pointing towards a favorable trend in the coming years. According to Deltek’s Senior Vice President for Information Solutions, more high-paying contracting opportunities will be available this 2022, […] More

  • government grants for women

    Top 10 Government Small Business Grants for Women

    What’s the best way to raise funds for a women-owned business? Small businesses make up a large part of the American economy. According to statistics, 40% of the businesses in the United States are women-owned, indicating that 4 out of 10 businesses are a part of women’s business ownership. While there are many tactics and […] More

  • women owned business

    How Women-Owned Businesses Can Win Federal Contracts?

    Having the courage to embrace your identity as a woman in business involves knowing who you are and why you do what you do. It also means knowing how you can use your vision to impact the community around you. As a result of their contributions, organizations benefit from the presence of strong female executives. […] More

  • federal management consulting

    Is Federal Management Consulting Worth It In Government Contracting?

    Managing a business in the government contracting industry is no easy feat. On top of running your business’s day-to-day operations, you are also on the lookout for open government contracting opportunities and bidding for them. The burden may be too unbearable at times, so business leaders bring in federal management consultants to gain fresh insight […] More

  • prime subcontracting business

    Prime and Subcontracting for Small Businesses

    Prime contracting and subcontracting opportunities for the federal government are now available to small businesses. Prime and subcontracting allow small businesses to work on large projects and obtain a fair share of the contract award. Suppose you want to be a government contractor. In that case, this article will give you insight into whether your […] More

  • types of government contracts

    List of All Types of Government Contracts

    Your businesses can gain valuable experience and a vast network of contacts if you work in government contracting. If you have relevant experience, it is easier to get a job as a federal contractor than if you don’t have that experience. Government contracts will vary depending on the industry and business structure. Your contract requirements […] More

  • business federal government

    How to Do Business with the Federal Government

    Contracts with the government might provide a steady income stream for your firm. It’s easier to plan marketing campaigns, hire employees, and expand a business with a steady flow of revenue. Interested businesses can use the materials in this article to learn how to navigate the federal contracting process, submit bids, and win contracts. How […] More

  • Government staffing contracts

    Government Staffing contracts: the best strategy to win government contracts

    How does contract staffing work? Contract staffing is an employment option in which a person is recruited to fulfill a portion of a project, contract, or task. Temporary staffing is a hiring arrangement on project-based or fixed-term rather than a permanent one. In some scenarios, contract staffing is managed by a third-party staffing agency.   […] More

  • find government contracts

    How to Find Government Contracts?

    The federal government purchases almost everything, from minor components to massive equipment, even research and technical assistance. However, the federal government does not buy anything without reliable regulations and preferential consideration. That is why the federal procurement data system was created!   The United States government procurement and contract opportunities are given to large and […] More

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