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  • Top 10 Government Consulting Firms in the US of 2022

    Top 10 Government Consulting Firms in the US of 2022

    Government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, mining industries, small businesses – no matter what industry the company is in, it may need help from consultants. Businesses hire consultants to help them by assessing and securing business management.   Being one of the consulting firms helping businesses is not an easy task. It comes with tremendous […] More

  • How does government assist business? - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    How does government assist business?

    Some small business owners see that government is immense pain and hassle. There are lots of permits you need to obtain, paying taxes, employee certifications, business certifications, complying with the local, state, and federal laws, and so much more tasks on the list. However, despite all the obstacles the federal government brings, there are many […] More

  • federal contract spending

    Federal Contract Spending in the last 5 Years

    To ensure safety and improve the American people’s lives, the federal government maximizes its financial resources by working with businesses that can provide for their needs. These businesses are called government contractors.   Many businesses aim to be part of the federal contract to win some federal contract spending or government contracts. But the question […] More

  • Government staffing contracts

    Government Staffing contracts: the best strategy to win government contracts

    How does contract staffing work? Contract staffing is an employment option in which a person is recruited to fulfill a portion of a project, contract, or task. Temporary staffing is a hiring arrangement on project-based or fixed-term rather than a permanent one. In some scenarios, contract staffing is managed by a third-party staffing agency.   […] More

  • find government contracts

    How to Find Government Contracts?

    The federal government purchases almost everything, from minor components to massive equipment, even research and technical assistance. However, the federal government does not buy anything without reliable regulations and preferential consideration. That is why the federal procurement data system was created!   The United States government procurement and contract opportunities are given to large and […] More

  • cryptocurrency govcon

    Paying a Contractor in Cryptocurrency: Should the Government Do It?

    Bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum, binance, and all other cryptocurrencies are flooding the news feed these days, saying their value has increased. You may have only recently heard of cryptocurrency, but it has been in the market for a few years now. In the hope of speeding up the receipt of payments, paying employees, and making it […] More

  • government contractor

    The Pros And Cons of Being a Government Contractor

    Recently, the United States Government and its government agencies have announced different business opportunities for large corporations and small businesses to potentially submit a proposal for.   With thousands of businesses interested in federal contracting, tons of them have already made and submitted a proposal hoping to get a healthy revenue stream by providing the […] More

  • DoD prime contractor

    What is a DoD prime contractor?

    The DoD prime contractor is the private companies that DoD contracts to provide products or services. It can also describe the individuals hired by the DoD who are also considered contractors to perform specific tasks.   The DoD procures many different things such as weaponry, training, new aircraft, development of military technologies, and weaponry. Many […] More

  • government contracting

    Government Contracting: 5 Questions and Answers

    What is a US government contractor? Every fiscal year, the United States government releases data on one of its official websites with all the products or services they will need. These are directly offered to any company that wishes to work with them. Once companies, firms, and businesses successfully passed through the government’s standard and […] More

  • Organizing an Event for Executives

    Helpful Guides on Organizing an Event for Executives

    Seminars, workshops, conferences, and other large events or gatherings have been prohibited in the past few months due to the danger brought by the Covid19 pandemic. It indeed affects many people, especially those that are into organizing events. Although the event planning industry has been in a rough situation, event organizers are able to adapt […] More

  • Government Contracting Events

    Top Government Contracting Events for 2022

    Another fiscal year had passed, and many small business government contractors could procure their products and services successfully. While others are selling to the federal government, other large and small businesses are still hoping to win government contracts. The U.S government announces and releases its available contracting opportunities in many different ways. Some are just […] More

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