Jane Edwards

More Space Startups See US Government as Potential Customer

Industry experts said space startups are engaging more with the U.S. government as they see it as a client and as an investor, SpaceNews reported Thursday. “We saw many firms overtly or less overtly turn towards government as a potential customer," Carissa Christensen, CEO of analyst firm Bryce Space & Technology, said Tuesday at a Washington Space Business Roundtable event.

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Zscaler’s Stephen Kovac on EINSTEIN Cyber Program, Trusted Internet Connections 3.0

Some industry experts said the introduction of draft guidance to implement the Trusted Internet Connections 3.0 policy seeks to reflect the move to separate the Department of Homeland Security’s EINSTEIN cybersecurity program from the TIC initiative, Federal News Network reported Tuesday. “TIC 3.0 isn’t here to kill EINSTEIN, but decouple it from TIC. I think some form of EINSTEIN will still need to exist," said Stephen Kovac, vice president of global government and corporate compliance at Zscaler.

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