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  • DoD prime contractor

    What is a DoD prime contractor?

    The DoD prime contractor is the private companies that DoD contracts to provide products or services. It can also describe the individuals hired by the DoD who are also considered contractors to perform specific tasks.   The DoD procures many different things such as weaponry, training, new aircraft, development of military technologies, and weaponry. Many […] More

  • government contracting

    Government Contracting: 5 Questions and Answers

    What is a US government contractor? Every fiscal year, the United States government releases data on one of its official websites with all the products or services they will need. These are directly offered to any company that wishes to work with them. Once companies, firms, and businesses successfully passed through the government’s standard and […] More

  • Government Contracts

    Government Contracts: Top 10 Questions and Answers

    Navigating the government contracting landscape can be confusing and challenging to aspiring contractors and even existing government contractors. The learning curve in this industry is pretty steep, and it can leave anyone feeling lost and frustrated. To address this, we have answered some of the industry’s frequently asked questions about federal government contracts to point […] More

  • Subcontractor

    What Is A Subcontractor: A Guide

    With the nation increasing its mobilization rate of government contractors to aid America’s recovery from the pandemic, more and more government projects are now up for grabs. And as the government contractors scrambled to stake their claim into the deep pool of available government contracts, the need for more competent and reliable subcontractors rose as […] More

  • Organizing an Event for Executives

    Helpful Guides on Organizing an Event for Executives

    Seminars, workshops, conferences, and other large events or gatherings have been prohibited in the past few months due to the danger brought by the Covid19 pandemic. It indeed affects many people, especially those that are into organizing events. Although the event planning industry has been in a rough situation, event organizers are able to adapt […] More

  • Federal contractors on the labor market battlefront

    Federal contractors on the labor market battlefront

    John Wasson was undeniably optimistic as he discussed whether sustained levels of inflation would affect ICF International’s ability to grow and achieve its margin goals. But as the CEO zeroed in on wage inflation during the company’s Nov. 2, 2021, earnings call, he did not mince words. “This,” he said, “is a challenging time.” Wasson’s […] More

  • Government Contracting Events

    Top Government Contracting Events for 2022

    Another fiscal year had passed, and many small business government contractors could procure their products and services successfully. While others are selling to the federal government, other large and small businesses are still hoping to win government contracts. The U.S government announces and releases its available contracting opportunities in many different ways. Some are just […] More

  • Government Thought Leaders

    Top 10 Government Thought Leaders You Should Listen to

    What is thought leadership? Thought leadership is the ability to express and demonstrate ideas that a person has in a particular area, field, industry, or topic. Having a characteristic of thought leadership can be a powerful strategy for acquiring and closing new clients. However, it can also be a crucial tool to have, particularly when […] More

  • organizing online events

    Organizing Successful Online Events: 10 Secret Tips

    You surely want to turn your event planning idea into a successful event as an event manager. However, before you create a successful event, you first need to exhort a tremendous amount of effort and prepare all the requirements before you begin planning. Recently, events have been merged in the digital world where people from […] More

  • Write a Winning Government Contract Proposal

    Tips for Writing a Strategic Proposal That May Help You Win a Government Contract

    With the U.S. government mobilizing its heavy network of contractors to boost the nation’s recovery rate from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government contracting industry is enjoying an upward trend now more than ever. The federal government allocated most of the $682 billion budget to critical industries such as health care and medical, construction, defense, and IT. But, those […] More

  • Government Contracts for Small Business

    Types of Government Contracts for Small Businesses to Help You Grow

    As the world’s largest buyer, it is no wonder why the United States government is the perfect client to do business with. In fact, in the last fiscal year 2020, the federal government has awarded a record-breaking $682 billion worth of government contracts, which surpassed the previous year’s spending budget. Experts predict that this figure will continue […] More

  • Multiple Businesses

    10 Best Tips for Starting Multiple Businesses

    The billion-dollar government contracting industry is still projected to rise in the coming years, especially with America mobilizing contractors to aid the nation’s recovery from the recent pandemic. With this great opportunity just within grasp, who wouldn’t dare jump into creating not just one company but multiple businesses! Why should you start multiple businesses? Starting multiple businesses […] More

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