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  • IT-government-contractors

    Top 10 Federal IT government contractors List in 2022

    Government Contracting Industry(GovCon) is a large market that many firms are eager to partner with because of its numerous benefits and revenue opportunities. One of the largest marketplaces in the sector is the United States department, particularly the Department of Defense, and is continuously offering contracts to those who wish to work with them. There […] More

  • executive networking

    The Importance of Networking With Executives & CEOs

    With the U.S. government spending on government contracts in 2021 skyrocketing to $680 billion, more and more companies are now fervently trying to get a slice of the billion-dollar metaphorical pie! If you are also an executive in this highly-competitive field of government contracting, making your enterprise known among executive-level individuals is essential in ensuring your […] More

  • government construction contractors

    Top 10 Construction Contractors for the U.S. Government (2021)

    It has been two years since COVID-19 has struck the U.S. Despite the challenges the industries faced in dealing with the unknown, the government and the private sectors are working hand-in-hand to help America’s economy recover from the losses the pandemic has caused to the country. To further support the nation’s recovery from the effects […] More

  • largest defense contractors

    The Top 10 Defense Contractors in 2022

    The United States of America government agencies are the world’s most significant consumers of products and services. With so many needs, the federal agencies purchase everything from paperclips, bolts and nuts and even aircraft carriers. The majority of the time, these organizations are aware that they require a specific product or service, but they are […] More

  • top healthcare government contractors

    Top 10 Healthcare and Medical Government Contractors

    Federal contracting industry amidst pandemic Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc globally may be a bit of an understatement. It has been almost two years since it was first identified, yet countries across the globe are still reeling from its devastating effects. The staggering consequences of the pandemic propelled the administration to pool its […] More

  • Executive networking to build professional relationships

    Executive Networking to Build Relationships

    The business industry is a big field with lots of different executives working in it. Some of them may be your business competitor, and some are mentors, leaders, coaches, and others. When it comes to business, networking is a word everyone is talking about and taking it seriously. Why? Because this can be favorable to enhance the […] More

  • Online-business-networking

    Networking Online: Building Business Relationships On the Net

    The word networking has been commonly used in the business language since the late ’70s. The idea of networking is to get into a room of people such as seminars, business operations workshops, and many more to have a business relationship (network). As for a business owner, networking events allow you to access a group […] More

  • Meeting-Potential-Business-Partners

    Meeting Potential Business Partners

    A partnership is a contractual arrangement between two or more people or companies to manage and operate a business. Business partners invest their money into the industry they would like to work in, in order to share in any profits and pay a portion of any losses. You won’t know if starting a business venture […] More

  • What are short and long-term business goals?

    What are Short and Long-term Business Goals?

    A critical aspect of having a successful business is its functionality and goals. Having a business goal is essential to an entrepreneur or organization because this helps them to measure success and foresee the longevity of their business. Business goals are preferably the things that a company expects to accomplish during a specific time period. […] More

  • Leadership in the new normal

    Leadership Post-Pandemic: Redefining to the new Normal

    An unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the world over the past few months, affecting human beings’ culture and living and impacting the business and economy. Everyone is at home and trying to cope with the new normal that being said, the pandemic gave birth to the innovation of online transactions in the digital world. Since […] More

  • Becoming a government contractor

    How to Become a Better Government Contractor: Essential Steps

    As a business owner, you’ve certainly tried and tested a variety of methods for expanding your target market. But have you thought about taking on the government as a client? According to the United States Small Business Administration, the federal government alone purchases approximately $100 billion in goods and services from small businesses each year. […] More

  • Government Contracting Guide: What You Need to Know - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Government Contracting Guide: What You Need to Know

    What is government contracting The process by which the government enters into contracts with large or small businesses and solutions vendors is known as government contracting. The federal government’s contract with a private or public provider or vendor is governed by the same contract regulations for non-government companies. Federal government contracts are subject to additional […] More

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