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  • Government Contracting Guide: What You Need to Know - top government contractors - best government contracting event

    Government Contracting Guide: What You Need to Know

    What is government contracting The process by which the government enters into contracts with large or small businesses and solutions vendors is known as government contracting. The federal government’s contract with a private or public provider or vendor is governed by the same contract regulations for non-government companies. Federal government contracts are subject to additional […] More

  • Government contracts for small businesses

    4 Tips for Pursuing Government Contracts for Small Business

    Government contracting can be a never-ending opportunity for your company, whether you have a large or a small business. The Small Business Administration (SBA) claims that the federal government spent 132.9 billion dollars in the fiscal year 2019 on small business government contracting opportunities. Based on the public law 85 – 536 or the so-called Small […] More

  • government contractors faq

    Government Contractors FAQs

    All your common and frequently asked questions about government contractors are answered below: How do you get government contracts? Register your business To be eligible for government contracting opportunities, you must first register your company with the award management system. The System of Award Management (SAM) is a searchable database of enterprises interested in government […] More

  • How to bid on minority government contracts

    How to Bid on Minority Government Contracts

    According to research, 4.4 million new businesses were created in the United States in 2020. This data is surprisingly the highest record compared to the previous years of economic growth in the country. You might be thinking, what made the business industry rose to this number? Well, I guess these entrepreneurs created a business out of a […] More

  • How to Get Sponsors for an Event

    How to Get Sponsors for an Event

    Event organizing is a pretty big task, yet many are hooked up and doing it for a living. If you are planning to be a planner, you might encounter one of the most known issues in the industry – how to get sponsors for an event. Spray-and-pray is the most common strategy used by event […] More

  • How to Push Through When Business Isn't Reaching Its Full Potential

    How to Push Through When Business Potential Isn’t Reached

    Nowadays, many people struggle to find a full-time job and decided to be their own boss by putting up small businesses to generate their income. However, start-ups and online business opportunities are challenging to find. The many choices in this category can easily cause someone to get lost in the minefield of “starting an online […] More

  • top government contractors

    Top 10 Largest Government Contractors

    Many businesses are trying their best to win a bid on government contracts. Many failed but the ones who succeed are great in numbers. Perhaps the question is, what exactly do government contractors do? Corporations, organizations, and private companies that supply goods and services to government agencies are known as government contractors. They are guaranteed […] More

  • How do I get the most out of a virtual event

    How to Get the Most Out of Online Events

    The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic greatly affected everyone’s daily living. Businesses are affected by this too, however, most of them are coping up with the current situation in order to maintain their business running. Enter online events! Changing the norms is not easy but every organization is trying their best to transition from a brick and […] More

  • How to Get Government Contracts

    How to Get Government Contracts

    With an annual contracting expense of more than $500 billion, the United States government became the world’s greatest customer. The country is known for consuming different types of products and services. According to U.S  government law, government agencies are mandated to allocate 23% of their funds to small businesses. This law brings out a lot […] More

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