Dell EMC Federal’s Cameron Chehreh: Data Lakes Could Help Agencies Derive More Insights

Cameron Chehreh, chief operating officer and chief technology officer of Dell EMC’s federal business, has said data lakes work to help federal agencies build “a consolidated and scalable agile repository” that allows them to generate insights from data, FedTech Magazine reported Friday. Chehreh noted that data lakes have the ability to take in any type of data, a feature that enables agencies to develop a mechanism to add metadata to help users with access to data lakes to easily tag and search information.

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Unisys CEO Peter Altabef’s CES Government Conference Presentation Focuses on Internet Security

Peter Altabef, chairman and CEO of Unisys, appeared Saturday before CES Government conference attendees in Las Vegas to discuss the need to advance internet security and safety through technology adoption. "To enact the necessary changes, governments and companies will need to actively leverage new technologies, including 5G communications, artificial intelligence and biometrics, to make us safer – not just better connected," Altabef said in a statement published Friday.

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Final Iridium NEXT Satellite Batch Launches Aboard SpaceX Rocket; Matt Desch Quoted

Iridium Communications’ final and eighth batch of 10 Iridium NEXT satellites launched Friday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard SpaceX’s previously flown Falcon 9 rocket. Iridium said Friday the satellites, which were fielded to orbital plane three, established communications with its satellite network operations facility after launch and are set to enter the first on-orbit testing phase.

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