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Raytheon Technologies Looks to AI/ML Tech to Help Accelerate ISR Missions; Shane Zabel Quoted

Shane Zabel AI tech area director Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies executives have said the company is applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to the company's technology offerings in a push to help military customers process intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data faster. “We’re looking at how machine learning can augment our existing sensor product lines and the question is: "How can we utilize machine learning technology to help military commanders make decisions?" said Shane Zabel, AI technology area director for Raytheon's intelligence and space business.

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Raytheon Technologies to Demo AI-Based Mission Data Processing Tech for Army; David Appel Quoted

David Appel

Raytheon Technologies’ intelligence and space business plans to demonstrate an artificial intelligence-based mission data processing technology to the U.S. Army later this month in pursuit of the service branch's new tactical ground station development program. “The goal of TITAN is to link Army commanders at all echelons to timely intelligence data, speeding up the data-to-decision timeline," said David Appel, vice president of defense and civil solutions at RI&S.

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Space Force Taps Raytheon Technologies to Design Weather Satellite Tech; Wallis Laughrey Quoted

Wallis  Laughrey

Raytheon Technologies has been selected by the U.S. Space Force to design a satellite technology for the Department of Defense's weather prediction efforts. The company said Wednesday its intelligence and space business will create an initial prototype of the Next Generation Electro-Optical Infrared Weather Satellite as the military branch aims to increase the Earth observation data output from DoD systems.

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Raytheon Technologies Combines Wearable Shooter Detection Tech, Situational Awareness App

Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies has incorporated a smartphone-based military situation awareness application into a wearable system built to help soldiers determine hostile fire or sniper attack locations. The integration of Raytheon's Boomerang Warrior-X technology for dismounted soldier gunshot detection and the Android Team Awareness Kit is intended to facilitate battlespace coordination in real time, the company said Wednesday.

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