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Wednesday Wins

This week, BAE Systems claimed a $44 million contract modification from the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command, and PSS announced it has been awarded a three-year contract worth an approximate $3.3 million from NOAA. Lockheed Martin scored a $5 billion SOCOM deal, while Paradigm Holdings won a contract from FAA …

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President Obama’s stimulus package 16 months later: Government contractors can help jumpstart “innovation economy,” says Alion’s Steve Kimmel

Everybody’s talking about recovery. But what about innovation? It’s a question that Steve Kimmel is asking — from a business development point of view. As Kimmel sees it, government contractors have a significant role to play on two fronts. In addition to furthering the success of government customers, contractors can …

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Government Contractors: Defenders of Our Networks

Despite the issues of in-sourcing and Secretary of Defense Gate’s cuts to military hardware programs, government contractors are seeking to diversify their offerings by moving into the cyber security realm. The US government is presently ill-equipped to handle the range of cyber attacks against US systems and networks and the …

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