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New ICANN Proposal Represents Uncharted Domain

One of the most underreported business technology stories of 2008 in my opinion is the imminent changes in store for the type of web domains available to businesses, government agencies and individuals (of ample financial means). Last week ICANN, the Internet’s primary oversight agency, put forward preliminary guidelines on the …

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ACG Names Winners of Corporate Growth Awards

ACG announced the following winners last night that included: (Capital Provider) Thomas Campbell of D.C. Capital Partners, (Investment Banker) Daniel Cornell of Stifel Nicolas; (Corporate Executive) Thomas Mutryn of CACI; (Emerging Growth Company, Under $100M) Morgan Franklin; (Emerging Growth Company, $100M- $500M) M.C. Dean; (Deal of the Year) Dimension International …

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There Must be Something in the Water

Somewhere along the line – as partisan mudslinging increased over the Iraq War – the concepts of patriotism and service to one’s country became contorted to fit the various political agendas. One pundit argues that it is unpatriotic to question the War, and a politician comes back and says it …

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