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Cubic Corporation Buys Abraxas

Cubic Corporation announced yesterday its acquisition of Herndon, Va.-based Abraxas Corporation, a national security, law enforcement and homeland security risk-mitigation firm. San Diego, Calif.-based Cubic paid $124 million in cash, and the acquisition is expected to close next month. Abraxas, which has more than 280 operational and technical experts, will …

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Monday Moves

This week, TASC, Inc. named Wayne M. Rehberger vice president and chief financial officer, effective June 28, 2010. Northrop Grumman’s board of directors elected Thomas E. Vice corporate vice president and president of its technical services sector. ICFI named COO John M. Wasson to the additional role of president of …

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Sitting Pretty: Sitting and Wellness

Are you in good health yet exhausted at the end of the day? After long commutes, hectic days sitting in meetings, crunching on your computer, and then finally, some down time relaxing on the couch, you may blame stress for your fatigue, yet inactivity is probably what leaves you drained. …

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