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George Mason Univ. Tops “Up-and-Coming” List

ExecutiveBiz - George Mason Univ. Tops "Up-and-Coming" List

For anyone considering an education at the college level, they should look no further than their own backyard. US News & World Report has ranked George Mason University #1 (out of 70) on the “Up-and-Coming” list of national universities, ahead of such distinguished institutions as the University of Southern California …

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Northrop Grumman’s Linda Mills aquires local satellite firm 3001

ExecutiveBiz - Northrop Grumman's Linda Mills aquires local satellite firm 3001

Linda Mills, recently promoted to run Northrop Grumman IT, has made the strategic acquisition of a local geospatial firm 3001, run by Bart Bailey and owned by CM Equity partners. 3001 International, provides airborne imaging, mapping, surveying and geographic information systems for domestic and international government intelligence as well as geospatial data production …

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Competing For Your Vote

ExecutiveBiz - Competing For Your Vote

In addition to the endless media attention to every aspect of the presidential race between John McCain and Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin voters are being asked to make other critical decisions on change and on market leaders. Below are three decisions voters will make this season:

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Surprise Washington, DC…You’re Having Twins!

ExecutiveBiz - Surprise Washington, DC...You're Having Twins!

Whether the Greater Washington technology community likes it or not, it has twins. Two distinct – and often siloed – communities that split along generational, cultural and operational lines. On one side, you have the young, vibrant social media entrepreneurs focused on disruptive solutions to break through the Web 2.0 …

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National Health IT Week

ExecutiveBiz - National Health IT Week

This is National Health IT Week, an annual forum where public and private sector organizations unite to promote the common goal of interoperable health IT adoption. National Health IT Week brings together key healthcare constituents “” information technology firms, healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical/biotech companies, government agencies, industry/professional associations, and consumer …

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Web 2.0 Tool Eases Pain of Scheduling Conference Calls

ExecutiveBiz - Web 2.0 Tool Eases Pain of Scheduling Conference Calls

I’d like to consider myself fairly web-savvy. I subscribe to RSS feeds, use social bookmark sites, leverage Facebook and LinkedIn for professional purposes. And yet, attempting to send out a conference call meeting request from my Apple Mail program to clients with Microsoft Outlook proved maddening. After banging my head …

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Heavy Storms in Forecast for Cyber Experts

ExecutiveBiz - Heavy Storms in Forecast for Cyber Experts

It is only natural – especially in the heat of a presidential campaign – that discussions about security threats focus on those of a physical nature. But there has been a flurry of attention and activity of late around cybersecurity and the importance of simulating the types of massive digital …

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TechCrunch’s 2008 Must Have Web 2.0 Apps

ExecutiveBiz - TechCrunch's 2008 Must Have Web 2.0 Apps

TechCrunch's Michael Arrington recently published his list of must have web 2.0 applications for 2008. This is the third year the popular tech blogger has created the annual must-have list and you'll notice that there are some repeats from years past. WordPress, the blogging platform (and the engine behind Executive …

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Rising Stars Among Top Metro IT Employers

ExecutiveBiz - Rising Stars Among Top Metro IT Employers

Read a few pages into the Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, the government technology pubs (or the ExecutiveBiz Spotlights) and you are bound to run across the area’s most prominent IT employers announcing billion dollar contract wins, executives outlining their strategic vision or announcing new acquisitions. But beyond the expected …

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East Meets West – A Web 2.0 Summit Recap

ExecutiveBiz - East Meets West - A Web 2.0 Summit Recap

Last week, San Francisco hosted the fourth annual Web 2.0 Summit. The event wrapped up on Friday and with over 100 featured speakers, from Tim O'Reilly to ebay CEO Meg Whitman, there was a lot of related news coverage. For a full report on what's become a yearly west coast …

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How Web 2.0 Is Shaping Politics

ExecutiveBiz - How Web 2.0 Is Shaping Politics

All of the panels at the upcoming Web 2.0 conference on November 1 look excellent, but there's one I'm particularly interested in. “Politics on the Web, by the Web, and for the Web“ at The New New Internet conference features four very talented individuals from the world of politics and …

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Web 2.0 Roundtable

A Web 2.0 Roundtable was held this morning at the Tower Club. Some of the comments and insights are: ROI vs- ROE: This group consisted of mostly large companies in need of products with ROI, Janet Hall of TMNG Global suggested that every company will not only weigh the Return …

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Web 2.0 in the Public Sector

Special to the Executive Biz Blog: Aneesh Chopra, Sec. of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia Last month, Governor Kaine took the cabinet to the Eastern Shore where we met local shopkeepers selling their wares to a growing number of tourists. During our welcome reception, a local merchant shared with …

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