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South Korea under DDoS Bombardment

Forty websites belonging to the South Korean government, agencies and businesses came under attack yesterday, including those of the presidential Blue House, the U.S. forces, the military Joint Chiefs of Staff, the ministries of foreign affairs, defense and unification, the intelligence agency, parliament and the tax office, AFP reported. Cybersecurity …

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Dinner to Honor Fallen Men and Women of CIA

In honor of the fallen men and women who have served in the Central Intelligence Agency, a fundraiser will be held next Thursday, July 8, to commemorate their services and raise money for their families. The money from the dinner, which is sponsored by the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, will …

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Bob Coleman, President and COO of ManTech

As one of the government’s leading providers of innovative technologies and solutions, ManTech International’s success is apparent; this year alone, it is expected to bring in nearly $2 billion in revenue. A big part of that success comes down to its ability to recruit and retain the most talented professionals. …

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