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Matt Desch: Iridium Put $3B Toward 66-Satellite Constellation

Iridium Communications has spent $3 billion on its program to launch 66 satellites that will work to offer airline companies satellite-based air traffic surveillance services, CEO Matt Desch told The Globe and Mail for an article published Sunday. Eric Atkins writes those satellites will carry instruments to collect information such as aircraft speed and location in an effort …

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Matt Desch: Iridium Installs NEXT Satellite Air Traffic Surveillance Payload

Iridium Communications has integrated an Aireon-built air traffic surveillance payload system into a NEXT satellite that is scheduled to go into space between 2015 and 2017. Aireon will utilize the hosted Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast receiver payload to help the aviation industry access information about aircraft position and status, Iridium said …

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