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Debate Continues Over More National Debt

Americans seem to like simple arguments with simple solutions. Case in point: Recent polls indicate increasing concern over and opposition to the nation’s growing debt, despite the fact that there has been very good reasons for the added government spending. The economy has plummeted, therefore unemployment and other social service …

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ARRA Saves States from Deeper Dive

Though state officials have faced difficult choices as they struggle to finalize 2010 budgets across the country, it’s clear the task would have been even more grim without a crucial infusion of federal money. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, as dire as the states’ fiscal condition …

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$48.3 Billion in Spending Offers GovCon Opportunity

$48.3 Billion in Spending Offers GovCon Opportunity - top government contractors - best government contracting event

The newly created State Fiscal Stabilization Fund is shifting a total of $48.3 billion from the Federal budget to the states in an unprecedented opportunity to realize the stimulus effect envisioned by the current administration. The question of how the states will be able to absorb and spend these dollars, along …

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