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IBM, Rice University Collaborate to Develop Eldercare Robot Assistant; Arvind Krishna Comments

IBM’s research business and Rice University have developed a robot assistant that uses Watson-based cognitive computing application to help manage care for elderly people. The prototype IBM Multi-Purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant is designed to measure an individual’s heart rate, heart rate variability and respiratory rate and provide answers to health-related queries as part of a study that …

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IARPA Taps IBM for Logical Quantum Bit Research Grant; Arvind Krishna Comments

IBM has received a multi-year grant from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity to further study superconducting qubits the company believes could eventually facilitate development of a universal quantum computer. The company said Tuesday it aims to help IARPA design a logical qubit from multiple imperfect physical qubits and tackle computational limitations …

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IBM Designs Silicon Photonics Chip for Cloud, Big Data Transmission; Arvind Krishna Comments

IBM has developed and tested a silicon photonics chip designed to use tiny optical fibers and light pulses to move huge amounts of data between computing systems. The company believes its complementary metal-oxide semiconductor integrated nanophotonics technology could help industry manufacture optical transceivers capable of transferring information at 100 gigabits …

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