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Lockheed Supports NATO Ballistic Missile Defense Tests in Atlantic Ocean

Lockheed Martin has assisted the U.S. Navy and the Missile Defense Agency in a series of ballistic missile defense tests in the Atlantic Ocean during the Formidable Shield 2017 naval exercise that involved eight NATO member nations. Formidable Shield aimed to showcase interoperability between NATO allies using the organization’s command-and-control reporting structures …

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Navy Submarine Launches Lockheed-Built Ballistic Missile to Certify Crew, Weapon System

A U.S. Navy submarine has launched a Lockheed Martin-built unarmed ballistic missile unit in the Atlantic Ocean for a flight test in August as part of a demonstration and shakedown operation. Lockheed said Tuesday the Trident II D5 fleet ballistic missile flight test during DASO-27 worked to certify the USS Maryland submarine’s crew and weapon system to …

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Hughes Unveils Emergency Service Suite Ahead of Hurricane Season; Tony Bardo Comments

Hughes Network Systems has released its storm preparedness system, Hughes Emergency Systems, in order to help businesses and government offices be prepared for the 2014 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season. The satellite offerings include emergency response, continuity of operations and network restoration that the company intends to be options for agencies and businesses to …

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