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Bechtel to Invest in Robotic Space Mining Company

Bechtel has joined a group of investors working with Planetary Resources to develop robotic exploration technologies intended to mine asteroids for precious materials. Planetary Resources plans to initially use its Arkyd-100 space telescope missions to conduct robotic space exploration and identify commercially viable raw materials from near-Earth asteroids, Bechtel said …

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Bechtel Pursuing $18B High-Speed Rail Project

Bechtel plans to bid for work on a $17.9 billion project to build a high-speed rail network in Brazil, BNamericas.com reported Tuesday. Daniel Bland writes national logistics and planning agency EPL will supervise the railway project, which will involve 317.5 miles of track. Proposals are due by Aug. 13 and …

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Executive Spotlight: Jake MacLeod of Powerwave

Getting into an industry at the ground floor has definite advantages. Advantages Jake MacLeod, executive vice president of Powerwave’s Government Solutions Business Unit, knows well. MacLeod’s experiences in the cellular industry have taken him across the country, through Russia and into Baghdad, leaving cell sites and enhanced communication systems in …

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