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SAIC’s Bob Fecteau: Corporate CIOs Need Standardized Practices

Bob Fecteau, chief information officer at Science Applications International Corp., has said companies should standardize practices in order to allow CIOs to perform enterprise resource management initiatives. Fecteau wrote in an article published Dec. 15 on The Enterprisers Project website that a CIO’s basic responsibility is to oversee the deployment of information technology platforms …

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SAIC’s Bob Fecteau, Vencore’s Barry Barlow Discuss Cyber Talent Shortage

Executives from government contracting companies have discussed during a conference how to address the scarcity of cyber talent and where future cyber skills will come from, GCN reported Friday. Bob Fecteau, chief information officer of Science Applications International Corp., told audiences at the Commonwealth Conference on Cyber and Education that …

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Bob Fecteau: Employee Collaboration Key to SAIC’s IT Workforce

Bob Fecteau, chief information officer of Science Applications International Corp., has discussed the company’s method to further build up its information technology team in an interview with Forbes published Tuesday. Fecteau told Forbes’ Peter High that SAIC first established a set of principles to promote collaboration and sharing within the IT workforce. “One …

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Executive Profile: Bob Fecteau, SAIC SVP and CIO

Bob Fecteau

Bob Fecteau serves as senior vice president and chief information officer for Science Applications International Corp. and leads company’s investments in enterprise technology. He also guides SAIC’s work to coordinate IT operations the firm’s goals for the business and missions for its customers. Prior to his current role, Fecteau was CIO of the McLean, Virginia-based company’s intelligence and security …

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Tuesday Tip Jar

This week, SRA International Chief Information Officer Brian Michl shared how to uphold IT security policies: “Cybersecurity—for any generation—requires education and awareness, in addition to the use of security technology. When people truly understand the risks and how they affect them, they can do more to increase security … for our …

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