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Microsoft’s Brad Smith: US Needs ‘Robust Menu’ of Responses to Cyber Attacks

Brad Smith President Microsoft

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said the U.S. needs to improve its cyber defenses and come up with a “robust menu” of responses to cyber attacks like the SolarWinds breach, C4ISRNET reported Tuesday. “We need to strengthen the nation’s digital infrastructure and digital defenses, and that touches every part of the public sector, and every part of the private sector as well,” Smith told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday.

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Microsoft’s Brad Smith Calls on White House to Endorse ‘Paris Call’ for Cybersecurity

Microsoft President Brad Smith has urged the Trump administration to back a nonbinding statement of principles setting acceptable behavior in cyber space, The Washington Post reported Friday. The Paris Call advances a set of principles such as the application of international law in cyber space, information sharing between companies about cyber threats and condemnation of large-scale cyber attacks and election hacking activities.

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Report: 5 Tech Firms Support Apple Stance on Customer Data Protection

Five technology companies back Apple‘s resistance to help the FBI unlock an iPhone to assist in the investigation of a shooting incident that took place in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015, Mashable reported Thursday. Seth Fiegerman writes Apple CEO Tim Cook has argued the de-encryption tool being demanded by federal authorities could set a “dangerous” precedent and …

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