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IBM Designs Silicon Photonics Chip for Cloud, Big Data Transmission; Arvind Krishna Comments

IBM has developed and tested a silicon photonics chip designed to use tiny optical fibers and light pulses to move huge amounts of data between computing systems. The company believes its complementary metal-oxide semiconductor integrated nanophotonics technology could help industry manufacture optical transceivers capable of transferring information at 100 gigabits …

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MarketsandMarkets: APAC to Hold Image Sensor Market’s Largest Share by 2020

MarketsandMarkets forecasts an 8.06 percent compound annual growth rate for the image sensor market by 2020 to reach a total market value of $15.77 billion and cites that trend to new CMOS design and fabrication technology. The market research firm said Thursday that companies emerging to develop the market include Aptina Imaging, Canon, CMOSIS, OmniVision Technologies, …

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