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Inmarsat Demonstrates GX Satcom-as-a-Service Platform for US Govt Clients

Inmarsat and its Global Xpress partners have demonstrated a satellite communications-as-service platform in multiple aeronautical scenarios with U.S. government end users. The company said Monday its GX network worked to provide wideband connectivity for video and data transfers through Honeywell-built JetWave satcom terminals during airborne and ground demonstrations carried out within the contiguous U.S. and outside the …

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Inmarsat’s Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch: Diversity, Distribution & Protection Key Elements of Satcom Resilience

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Inmarsat senior vice president of government strategy and policy in the U.S. government business, has listed diversity, distribution and protection of space assets as the key attributes of satellite communications resilience. Cowen-Hirsch writes in a Space News article published Mar. 28 using combined features of commercial and military satcom systems can diversify communication paths and …

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