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Lockheed’s Advanced Technology Center Develops Microcryocooler for IR Sensing Applications

Lockheed Martin‘s advanced technology center has built an ultra-compact cryocooler system to offer a quick-startup feature for infrared sensors used to support military operations. Lockheed said Wednesday its Fast Cool Down Microcryocooler is designed to quickly activate IR-sensing platforms utilized on space observation and weapons targeting missions. Jeffrey Olson, a research scientist at Lockheed’s advanced technology center, said …

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Ball Aerospace to Design NASA Landsat-9 Cryocooler

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has received a $18.2 million contract to design, test and deliver a cryocooler for NASA’s Landsat-9 spacecraft. Ball Aerospace will build two stages of cooling materials into the Thermal Infrared Sensor-2 instrument Cryocooler, NASA said Tuesday. The first cooling stage will be for a layer …

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Lockheed Develops Satellite Cooling System With 150 Watts-Per-Kilogram Power Density

Lockheed Martin has built a lightweight satellite cooling system with a power density of 150 watts per kilogram as part of the efforts to develop compact and high-power cryocoolers for electronics aboard spacecraft. The company said Tuesday the High Power Microcryocooler works to cool down sensors, cameras and other satellite optics and electronics to as low as -320 …

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